Actions speak louder than words

Actions speak louder than words

Troika, i.e.: ECB, EU & IMF are all trying to "save Greece". Or so the say.

The ECB did what it could to buy time, through Greek bonds. The IMF pushed the EU towards a real Union. What about the EU? Up to now, I have yet to see some sincerity in its actions. All I see is punishment. Even if we deserved it, it will not provide any solutions to the real debt crisis; the European Debt Crisis.

It seems that the EU is more concerned with limiting contagion - limiting the consequences of a Greek default. Without looking at any real solutions with any prospects for the European future.

Guess what; the contagion is already here, and the reasons are identical to the "Greek" crisis. One word: credibility. The EU is losing it with every half measure it announces, with every vengeful move it makes towards its debt ridden members.

Unless EU leaders decide to see the real problem, in its entirety, they are bound to follow our fate. "The (evil?) financial markets" might not be exactly kosher in their operations, but they are quick to find a pray. And right now, they 've got their eye on the Euro.

Time to act gentlemen. No more words, for they are worth very little in the real world. I know it for a fact - I live in Greece and I have heard my fair amount of BS under false pretences.