I dream of a V8 on Blog Action Day 2009

I always loved cars. More than the actual car, I loved their engines. The sound and smell an Alfa Romeo GTV V6 exhaust was a joy - that mix of gasoline and the tiniest bit of oil.

When it comes to cars I am a fanatic. As long as I can afford it neither higher petrol prices, nor congestion taxes nor anything else can stop me. Or so I thought...

On Oct 4th, we had an election. Our new government is Jeremy Clarkson's worst enemy! They are eco-socialists... Two weeks haven't passed, and they are replacing their 750s, E350s and S-classes with front wheel drive 1400cc and 1600cc HYBRIDS! Ugly looking, underpowered japanese Hybrids...

No bans, no higher taxes (yet) and possibly lower fuel price will follow. They have done nothing to penalize my obsession, but they managed to taint it. Somehow, a big engine 'feels'... embarrassing.

Our previous (conservative) government preached a lot about the environment, especially after the recent forest fires. After talking about it they would climb in their 5-liter rear wheel drive SUVs and Mercs and that was that. Nothing had changed, and I liked it. My lust for a big engine was safe.

Not anymore. Shame on them! Shame on these eco-socialists and their political correctness.
"A small step for the environment, a big blow for us petrol-heads".

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