We are all Palestinians

When International Aid Workers get killed, on International Waters, in their effort to deliver Humanitarian Aid to the people of Gaza, I become a Palestinian.

I refuse to accept that the Israeli government didn’t anticipate the possibility of human loss. Accepting such risk is a crime. Had they been Israeli activists, their government would have opted for other solutions, less dangerous for those on board the Free Gaza vessels.

I fear that the IDF mission was clear, and so were their orders.

Today, “We are all Palestinians”

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Manoliscus είπε...

When a group of activists try to delegitimize a nation's sovereignty in order to propagate their political agenda. When they refuse to deliver their humanitarian aid in an orderly manner and respond with violence to repeated pleas. When they irresponsibly destabilize a whole geographical area stuck in a foolish bravado, then I'm not a Palestinian.

Today I'm rather an Israeli.

constantinos alexacos είπε...

There were other options.
Activists’ “dissorderly” actions cannot be met with deadly response from civilised countries.

This was a huge mistake. Huge!